Remote Access

Web Proxy and VPN services are offered to Izmir University of Economics students and personnel to have remote access to web sources and online library databases off campus.

Web Proxy Service

This application allows you to have access to the University online library databases or other web based library systems you have subscribed to from your own house or any other place off campus.

The primary goal of Web Proxy service is to facilitate access to online library databases for students and personnel as part of their academic studies. This service provides access to library services and web sites of other academic institutions in accordance with the rules applicable within the University campus network.

The students, academic and administrative personnel can use their EkoID’s and passwords to benefit from Web Proxy service free of charge. Please click for the guideline on how to access to library databases off campus.

VPN Service

A VPN (virtual private network) Service named EkoVPN service is being offered to have remote access to campus local network from your house or other networks or computers off campus. EkoVPN service enables access to local resources as well as online library databases; however, in order to benefit from this service, a special client application and some security precautions need to be present on the computer that will have remote access.

Click here to view EkoVPN installation and security settings


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