Wireless Network Services

Besides wiring network, there is a wireless network service since 2004 in Izmir University of Economics. At first the wireless system was represented to the usage of students only but with the developments of mobile Technologies and increasing demands the service area of wireless was extended and now the wireless network can give service to all students, staff and guests.

The developments in wireless technology are followed and according to the needs of the increasing number of students and staff our infrastructure and nonstop wireless service is renewed persistently.

The number of the mobile users has displayed an increase in our campus, which, to a significant extent, has expanded as a close place with the building of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design that was completed in addition to the buildings available.

So, the wireless network infrastructure undergirded by IEEE 802.1X identity authentication and authorization system to meet the needs of users nonstop in this extensive area. With these new applications the users will benefit from the system with their EkoID Username and password like they do in all other IT Directorate.

As from October 2010, within these editions in wireless internet network, the internet Access is provided from 4 different SSID.

-  Ekonet-Staff, (IEEE 802.1X)

-  Ekonet-Student, (MAC Auth)

-  Ekonet-Guest, (WEB Auth)

-  eduroam,    (IEEE 802.1X)

Users should not use the other SSIDs for their own security.

Wireless SSID and Network Coverage

•  Ekonet-Staff: This network SSID includes all full time and part time academic and administrative staff. It is planned for all campus and building areas. EkoID is asked in this internet network and only administrative and academic staff can Access internet.

•  Ekonet-Student: This wireless network SSID broadcast has specially been planned for the students of our university, and the domain of broadcast has been organized in such a way that it covers the whole campus and buildings. Only the students of Izmir University of Economics can use this broadcast. Students who are already registered to the system do not need to make another definition. Student/academic/staff computers for personal use should be registered to HelpDesk unit.

•  Ekonet-Guest: This wireless SSID is for all other visitor users than staff and students when they are guests of the university. This network is a little bit restricted than the other Networks. These users should apply to their department in which they are guests then they should apply to Help Desk. Also for the activities and organizations inside the university the meeting or organization officers should inform IT Directorate 2 days before the organization to be able to multiple accesses.

 •  EduRoam: This network is an international academic Access network. The users of Eduroam member institutions can have Access in another Eduroam member institution with their user ID and Password. 54 Universities over the world are Eduroam member. Izmir University Economics is an Eduroam member since 2009. For detailed information and other Eduroam member information you can visit http://eduroam.ieu.edu.tr. Eduroam Access is available in campus and all building areas. Because of there are other Networks for our university members, Eduroam Access is available for only Eduroam member users from outside the university.

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