What is EkoID System?

EkoID is the common username used to access IT services presented online for academic, administrative personnel and students at İzmir University of Economics. By using EkoID, you can access e-mail accounts, personal web spaces, announcement system, print out system, wireless internet network and many other online IT services.

The academic and administrative personnel who started working at the University and whose data is submitted to Human Resources Department by the related faculty/department secretariats and who officially completed their procedures can take their EkoID activation forms from IT Directorate HelpDESK. The students enrolled at the University can take their EkoID activation forms from Student Affairs Directorate. For further information about EkoID activation, please click here.

The users can refer to IT Directorate HelpDESK to obtain lost EkoID forms and for help and support about EkoID usage.  

Online services accessed by EkoID;

- Document Management System (DYS): Documents and Forms are proceed in Document, Workflow and Form Management System in our University based on paperless university aim of IT Directorate. Academic and administrative staff can access DYS with their EkoID and passwords.

You can access Document Management System (DYS) with the following link;



- Central Disc System (FileServer): With Central Disk System (MDS) service, it is aimed to archive institutional data, prepared by academic and administrative units, within the scope of institutional memory and to provide maximum protection for these data against environmental problems like hardware problems, stealing, deformation and vandalism.

You can get detailed information from the following link;



- WebMAIL E-Mail System: It is a web-based e-mail application presented for you to use the university e-mail services on internet. Academic, administrative personnel and students can access their e-mails online with their EkoIDs.

You may access WebMAIL through the following link.


- Personal Web Spaces: A personal web space is allocated for each academic, administrative personnel and for demanding students to put the web pages they prepared. The users can use their EkoIDs to access their personal web spaces and to do file transaction with FTP.

For further information, please click the following link.



- EkoPrint Printing Services: EkoPrint is a printout system of the university. Academic, administrative personnel and the students are able to take printouts from the common points at the campus by using their EkoIDs.

You may access Printout System by clicking the following link.



- Wireless Network Services: Depending on the expansion of our campus area and increase in the mobile users, our wireless network system has been renewed in 2010 to meet the bandwidth and give a more secure and qualified wireless network service to our users. In addition to the renewed wireless network infrastructure, IEEE 802.1X identity validation and authorization system has been implemented. With this new application, the users will be able to use wireless network with their EkoID just as other IT Directorate services

For further information about wireless network services, please click the following link.


- Eduroam: Our University is the member of “eduroam” common international university web. You can have internet access with your EkoID in all universities in the world, which are the members of this system.

For further information, please click the following link.


- IT Directorate website: The users can access our interactive website presented to the users with its new interface and content by using their EkoIDs and request for help. The users can also change their EkoID passwords easily through this website.

You may access IT Directorate website by clicking the following link.

- EmaX Announcement System: All academic and administrative announcements and notices about events are made through this system. The users login to the system with their EkoIDs and be informed about the announcements and activities.

You may access EmaX Announcements System by clicking the following link.

- Access to Library Databases:  Access from outside the campus is also possible for the databases that the university is subscribed to. By using your EkoID, it is possible to access library databases from outside the campus with the proxy service we provide.

For further information, please click the following link.


- Microsoft DreamSpark: Our University is the member of DreamSpark program that Microsoft announced to the world and that some of the universities in Turkey started to apply. In the scope of this program, you can download and use Microsoft software development and design tools with your EkoID free of charge.

You may access Microsoft DreamSpark System by clicking the following link.


- OTRS (Open Ticket Request System): It is the online assistance system used to access IT Directorate HelpDESK services. With this system, you can convey your questions and problems online with your EkoID, from any point in or outside the University.

You can receive information about the Open Ticket Request System by clicking the following link.


EkoID, is not a login password to Student Information System. You need to take a separate user name and password to login to the system.

For further information about OASIS:


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