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By taking into consideration of collaboration, business continuity and single point access of information necessity of the large institutions, staff e-mail server system and WebMail (web based e-mail app.) of the university Webmail was reconstituted. 

E-mail, webmail, e-mail lists, calendar and address book services which are being used now completely was renewed and the workgroup abilities were added to these functions. On the other hand personal back up, personal SPAM filters, detailed search and multiple language support and lots of new applications will be in the new WebMail system. 

The new WebMail system will provide you to manage your mails, calendar, e-mail lists, and business and duty calendars from one point and to share them with your students, managers and co-workers. 

Some features of the new WebMail system were mentioned below;

  • The application represents a web interface developed with Web2.0 and AJAX Technologies and provides easy usage with drag and drop functions system wide. 
  • You can share all your e-mail, calendar, and business list, address book with your co-workers or students with a click easily. If you want you can share all these information with the people outside of the university under some rules. 
  • You can back up all your information without a need to any other application with drag and drop method and you can return from the backups. 
  • Thanks to global address books including all personnel and students you can access to the mail     addresses of all people in all platforms of the system and communication will be faster with automatic completing functions. 
  • You can use personal SPAM and HAM e-mail (not a SPAM) lists in addition to central SPAM and Virus Systems.
  • You can forward your messages to the other addresses and you can create automatic messages while you are out of the university.
  • You can create business and duty calendars more than one on the basis of faculty, directorate and special work groups. You can assign different access authorities for different work groups. 
  • You can follow availability of the people for the meetings / activities you organized. You can send invitations.

Above mentioned features are presented with webmail application on web portal or Zimbra Desktop. The new system will be able to be used with thunderbird which is available on the computers of personal. Also the new applications are able to be integrated into this program widely.


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