Smart Card System

Izmir University of Economics Smart Card System has gone into effect in 2007. Currently 7000 users benefit from this service.

Smart Card system hardware is configured to integrate with the existing campus network as IP based, and uninterrupted and reliable operation is provided.

Smart Card system is mainly used in below services;

1.) Transits (access pass)

2.) Dining

3.) Payments, Expenses

1. Transits

Entering and exiting the campus is carried out by the University ID card (EkoKart). These smart cards, which display picture and personal info of the holder, use Mifare technology. The cards, which are being used by students and the entire personnel, are produced at Card Processing Centre within the IT Directorate.

There are total of 13 turnstiles at 3 main access points at the University. 13 terminal devices are being used in all turnstiles and gates.

In addition to turnstiles, barrier system is available at 3 different points where vehicles enter and exit. 2 of these are integrated into the system, and transits are available by getting the cards read. Besides these, smart cards are used at 15 doors (laboratories, classrooms, studios, etc.) at Faculty of Arts and Science building. All transits can be reported.

2. Dining

The University personnel are able to eat at restaurants, cafeterias, and cafes on campus by using their (automatically preloaded) cards at POS machines. This prevents having to deal with lunch tickets, and saves workforce. The dining amount loaded on the card can only be used on that day; it does not accumulate or be used the next day.

3. Payments, Expenses

Students can use their cards to pay for some of the services being offered to them on campus (print-outs, transcripts, late fees on books, etc.). Students need to apply to Finance Directorate to get their cards loaded with the amount they wish. Then they can use their cards wherever POS machines are available to make their expenses. 

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