We provided our students with laptops until 2010-2011 academic year as soon as start their freshman year and now we provide them with the use of computers located at laboratories and the library and fast internet access at the canteen/restaurant, laboratories and classrooms.

We provide our academicians with internet access, technical assistance in order for them to exchange information with their students and follow academic conditions of their student and to do academic research.

We provide our administrative staff with ways to create, store and share documents, to correspond with each other, students and the academicians and internet access. Library, Student Affairs, Media, Human Resources and Financial Affairs Directorates are provided with the softwares they need and technical assistance.

Services Provided for Students/Academicians/Staff (HelpDESK)

  • Personal e-mail address for all
  • An e-mail quota of 500 MB for students and of 2000 MB for academicians and administrative personnel
  • Web, email, mailinglist possibilities for clubs, student council and other units
  • Automatic anti-virus protection while sending and receiving e-mails
  • Web-based e-mail and calendar
  • Webmail access outside the campus
  • A web domain of 120 MB for students and of 300 MB for academicians and administrative personnel

Click here for detaild information about our services.

Administrative Links

General Secretariat
Student Affairs Directorate
Dormitories Directorate

Service Links

Document Management System
EmaX Announcement System
AresX Reservation System

General Links

Information Request
Tender Announcements

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