Our Mission and Vision



IT Dept. was established in 2001 as 'Information Technology Directorate' together with the foundation of the University. Our mission is,

  • To provide computer services for education and research purposes
  • To build, operate and manage the communication infrastructure (electronic network structure)
  • To provide computer software and use support for the administrative services of the university
  • To provide computer use for students and academicians
  • To provide internet, information and communication facilities for all students and academicians from the outset
  • To provide internet access from each point (including library, canteen and dormitories)
  • To protect and secure the systems while providing communication by evaluating the resources without limiting or preventing.

As IT Dept., we have tried to act in a planned and programmed manner since the very first day and we always think about the next step in our preparations.


  • To follow the recent developments in information-communication technologies and to provide all up-to-date communication possibilities for students and academicians.
  • To provide maximum use of information technologies by students during their university education.
  • To have a leading role among Turkish universities in the use of information technologies.



Administrative Links

General Secretariat
Student Affairs Directorate
Dormitories Directorate

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Document Management System
EmaX Announcement System
AresX Reservation System

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Information Request
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