Online Fax System

The Online Fax Management System (OFMS) project, after the Document Management System project, has been finalized and activated for user access as of January 2012 in accordance with the innovative and qualified goals of IT Directorate, and after being modified, it has been switched to Smart Fax as of April 2020

Online Fax System (Smart Fax) allows users to send faxes online via web portal, mobile app, or e-mail easily from just about anywhere with internet connection. You don’t have to be on campus to send a fax.  

The incoming fax processes will continue to be carried out by the document office with our new infrastructure. 

How to use the Online Fax System (Smart Fax)

If your Online Fax System (Smart Fax) account is not active yet and you want to use this service, you can ask your account to be activated through DYS with the approval of your unit supervisor. You can get help from the secretariat about how to make the request on the document management system (DYS).

What Are the Goals of Online Fax System (Smart Fax)?

  • Centralize, ease, and accelerate the intense faxing traffic at the University.
  • Enable the users to send and receive fax electronically without the need for an additional faxing equipment. at the comfort of their own computers.
  • Move the fax communication to an institutional and digital platform by providing a centralized infrastructure. 
  • Support Paper-free University project.
  • Enable sending/receiving fax on and off campus.

What Are the Benefits of Online Fax System (Smart Fax)?

  • Prevent loss of time experienced during sending/receiving fax processes.
  • Facilitate easy access of the service anywhere as long as there’s internet connection.
  • Prevent accumulation and loss of documents.
  • Enable centralized reporting and data follow up. 

Click on the link to access documents regarding how to use the system. 

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