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Izmir University of Economics started accepting undergraduate students in October 2001 and with the enthusiasm of undertaking a pioneer role as the first foundation university of Izmir and the Aegean Region, the University has completed the foundation works and continues its educational activities at Balcova Campus today. The University is aware of the great responsibilities it has undertaken by aiming to introduce a different approach to the education mentality and practices in Turkey.

As far as the executives of the enterprises focussed on technology have more authority, the effect of internet technologies in the economic field increases.

The University aims to train the students as the future executives with the latest technologies.


  • Provide and maintain the entire IT Security,
  • Provide integration and sustainability of different systems, technologies, and operational data used in IT investments at the University  
  • Provide continuous access to today’s ever increasing mobile workforce
  • Guarantee and update usability and performances of IT systems and applications 
  • Provide management of IT applications
  • Increase usability and efficiency of IT assets and manage them 
  • Manage IT investments and provide continuous connectivity (internal and external)
  • Make a needs and capacity planning for all IT investments 



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