EmaX Announcement System

EmaX is an e-mail correspondence application project designed and developed on an open source platform by Izmir University of Economics IT Directorate (EkoBIM).

EmaX, stores the announcements in a central server based on a specific hierarchical system, and only submits a summary to recipients. This allows the users to read the announcement anytime and anywhere they like. Users don’t have to archive the past e-mails thus making them save a considerable amount of e-mail quota (disc space). Since EmaX stores the announcements in a central server, the users will be able to have access to past announcements whenever they like.

EmaX announcements can be accessible with a user name and password securely and confidentially. This application prevents unauthorized access to the system. The system uses SSO (Single-Sign-On) centralized authentication server which allows users to have access to the system without additional user name and password.

- EmaX works on a one-way e-mail principle that is only authorized users can send e-mails to the lists.

To have access to EmaX Announcement System:


Administrative Links

General Secretariat
Student Affairs Directorate
Dormitories Directorate

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Document Management System
EmaX Announcement System
AresX Reservation System

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Information Request
Tender Announcements

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