EkoPrint Printer Services

EkoPrint is the system used to take print-outs in the University. The students, academic and administrative personnel can use their EkoID’s to take print-outs in the University.

  • This system allows to determine the amount of print outs, estimate a cost for them, and reporting.
  • Advantages of using EkoPrint System:
  • Easy management
  • Amount of print outs per user
  • Printing cost calculation
  • Flexible use
  • Reporting
  • High efficiency
  • Independent operating system
  • Operating free of producer
  • MFP equipment integration

Academic and administrative personnel can get print-outs free of charge. Students pay for print-outs with their EkoKart’s.

Web Print Service

Web Print enables you to get print-outs on personal notebooks, tablets* or smart phones*; without having to install additional software.

You can stop at HelpDesk Office to get detailed information on using EkoPrint and send e-mail to helpdesk@ieu.edu.tr.


* IOS based devices such as Ipad, Iphone, and Ipad are not used right now because they do not support WebPrint feature. 

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