Document Management System (DMS)

As of January 12, 2011, in accordance with our paperless university goal, Document, Work Flow and Form Process Management System (DMS) along with Expense Approval Module started its pilot use. While this system was in pilot use, as a result of concurrent studies and trainings, incoming and outgoing document modules, annual, administrative and sick leave modules have been put into the use of full-time academic and administrative personnel on June 1, 2011. Material request module and employee separation module has been integrated into the system later on, and online service of these modules have been provided.

Traditional methods of access to information are costly for institutions and not having access to information or documents on time may result in financial, intangible loss and loss of prestige. Easy access to information plays a vital role in today’s competitive society. DMS enables easy and rapid access to incoming and outgoing documents, faxes, and official writings, petitions, and corporate forms by storing them on an electronic environment, thus improves and accelerates efficiency and decision making process.

Document Management System Web Address;

Advantages of using Electronic Document Management System:

  • In an office environment, average of 7.5 % of the documents gets lost, and 3 % of the documents cannot be accessed due to wrong filing.(1) Since the documents and forms are stored electronically through DMS, easy and rapid access is available when necessary, and no risk of getting lost since the documents and forms are not deleted on the system.

  • Based on the research conducted by Gartner; procedures regarding documents take up 20%-45% of employees’ shifts, 12%-15% of labour cost and endorsement. (2) Since roaming and approval process of the documents and forms within the University occur electronically, getting approvals, distribution, and delivery save time and labour.

  • According to the researches, an office employee spends 50 % of the time on searching and finding documents, and 5%-15% on reading that document. (1) OCR engine supported in Turkish is available on DMS. The system is able to do indexing based on the texts in the system which allows easy access to the document being searched for among thousands of pages.

  • In Turkey, the amount of paper consumed per person is 0.7 kg/day, in other words, average of 140 pages. The amount of paper consumed in finance centres and banks per person is 0.9 kg/day that is 180 pages (3). The incoming and outgoing documents and forms are carried out electronically at the University. This prevents paper and toner consumption. At the same time, since electronic copies of documents and forms can be obtained, copying in paper format and duplicating is no longer necessary.

  • The Document Management System works in accordance with the “Regulation on Principles and Procedures on Official Correspondences” issued by the Cabinet with decision number 2004/8125. By this means, users who do not have sufficient knowledge of correspondence rules are able to form appropriate writings, and the standards among the units are maintained. This eliminates the drawbacks which may affect our corporate identity negatively.

  • Thanks to DMS web based infrastructure, access to the system via pc, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices on and off campus is available 24/7. In this way, approval and follow up of the important documents and forms within the University can be provided regardless of location, and work continuity can be maintained.

  • DMS eliminates problems such as loss and damage of documents.

In conclusion, the Document Management System brings about numerous advantages for the University. We are proud to be one of the first universities to provide DMS; thus, being a reference to the other universities.

(1) Coopers and Lybrand, 1997,,

(2) Research by Gartner, 1997,

(3) Turkish Republic Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2007,

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