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The internet, which is the leading technology of our age, became an inseparable part of our lives in education, communication, media, banking, corporate applications, sharing, entertainment, and many more. Certainly we all benefit from internet services due to this inevitable dependency. However, this technology so deeply entwined in our lives, may turn out to be very dangerous if “security” measures are not taken.

The malicious software (virus, spyware, trojan etc.) embedded on your computer might damage your computers as well as destroying the data (personal information, bank information, passwords, etc.) on your computers, or allow hackers to have access.

However, the “security” concept involves a vast process that begins from last user to service providers rather than precautions taken at a single point. As Izmir University of Economics IT Management Directorate, we follow the threats against internet and corporate network services we provide for students, academic and administrative personnel closely and update the security precautions continuously.

Accordingly The IT Directorate provides ‘free’ Antivirus services to entire personnel in addition to security precautions on campus network backbone. As of September 2010, students who use Microsoft Operating System were also offered ‘free’ Antivirus services.

The University prefers to use Trend Micro OfficeScan, a global leader on internet security, as an anti-virus application.

Antivirus Service application:

The computers that are provided to academic and administrative personnel come with anti-virus software installed already. Students, who want to benefit from this free service and academic / administrative personnel using personal system, may apply at Helpdesk or install it online by using their EkoID’s on IT Directorate web page.

  • Please click here to download Antivirus program.




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