The University aims to provide a safe, credible, scalable and navigable Information Technologies infrastructure where student, academician and administrative staff data are easily produced, shared, distributed and where they can communicate among each other and with Internet.

Internet access, e-mail, web and similar communication systems are operating and used by all students, administrative and academic staff (since January 2001).

Vmware virtualization technology has been used at the University server systems since 2004. This technology brings along many advantages such as flexibility, cost, energy, and time efficiency.

E-mail service is provided through network for all academic, administrative staff and students.

All student processes are carried out by students on the web.

A structure has been set up on the Linux and open system platform and the University has entered the Linux International US references.


Administrative Links

General Secretariat
Student Affairs Directorate
Dormitories Directorate

Service Links

Document Management System
EmaX Announcement System
AresX Reservation System

General Links

Information Request
Tender Announcements

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